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You'd expect Catfoss Finance to be an approachable and dedicated team of professionals, which we are, but where we differ is the way we get to know your business and understand the challenges you face. We deal with people, and above all else we listen to you and keep an open mind.

Every business is different and we won't try and tell you how to run yours, but we can help you find the funding you need to realise your plans. We'll start by taking the widest possible view of your options, but that's not where we'll leave it, we don't do window-shopping. We'll work with you until well-informed and prudently tested decisions can be made about your business, by you, with our support.

At Catfoss, there is always someone who knows you, can answer your questions and when it comes down to it, can help you to make decisions about your business needs, quickly and efficiently. We also appreciate that you just want to get back to the job in hand, which is why we've also built a network of trusted suppliers and professionals, people who you may choose to work with you to source the best assets available.

Our success has been built with single-minded focus on manageable finance, value-enhancing assets and you, and we're here to help.

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We Provide Lease Finance for

  • Agricultural Vehicles & Equipment
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Engineering Equipment
  • Vans & Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Buses & Coaches

Other Assets We Can Finance

What counts as a business asset? Catfoss Finance understands that every business is different and we take a broad view when answering this question. We think it's sensible to consider the essential equipment that forms the heart of the business as 'assets' which is why we arrange funding beyond the usual list of traditional items.

They may be referred to as 'soft' assets, but we can help to raise finance for the following:

  • Catering Equipment
  • Gym Equipment
  • Beauty Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Scaffolding & Construction
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Soft Play Equipment
  • Amusement Machines
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Retail Equipment
  • IT Equipment

... and so much more!

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